About Me

I am Love in the face of Hate 
I am Kindness in the face of Ridicule
I am Strength in the face of Puny 
I am Patience in the face of Anger 
I will not Run away from Fear
I am Bravery 
I am Pride 
I am the RULER of my Own World


21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It is nice to know I feel the way you do: “About Me-
    I like to be alone, coz i hate this world full of liars, selfish people, most of them are thinking only about them, not about the others, and im a sensitive person, i care lot about my friends (even if they don’t)..so i guess that’s enough abt me, so if ya like my blog. Put some Comments, I highly Appreciate that.” So as a true new friend from USA, I am making a comment. Today is 4/17/11 my wish is for us to be commenting on each others blogs, as friends next year on 4/17/11. Jackie Paulson loves your blog. It is nice to meet you.


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