Words to live by

You can acknowledge and address the problems without being consumed by them. You can be peaceful and still be highly effective.

 You can let go of past regrets while still finding strength in the lessons they have taught you. You can be free of worries while also embracing responsibility for your life and your world.

Being peaceful does not mean you must be isolated from life. In fact, with a purposeful, peaceful perspective you can be actively involved in creating great value for yourself and for others.

Being peaceful is powerful because you don’t have to fight against yourself, or against anything or anyone else for that matter. When you are peaceful within, you can work to support positive possibilities instead of feeling the need to fight against negative factors.

You can choose to deeply care about everything while at the same time not letting anything control the way you feel. You can give your best to any situation, regardless of what the situation gives to you.

Let peace live deeply and robustly within you, where nothing can diminish its power. Then draw upon that power, every moment, to bring real goodness to everything you do.

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