I’m sitting on the bench
Listening to the whispers of the cold wind
Carrying all my scattered dreams away,
I’m looking at the starts
Thousand miles away, shining brightly like my life,
Used to be; now
Fading and disappearing, like all my hopes are gone
The river behind, flowing gently making no noise
No ups and downs, flowing on an aimless path
Crickets are singing their everyday song
All they can do, as I keep lamenting on my past
The shining moon among the dimming stars
Gone away by a dark cloud, like you, my life
Gone away, but the cloud?
World is dark, as it used to be
Before the rays of the moon struck on my heart
But it’s gone; all away from the world
Making it, graveyard of an eternal love


Dark graveyard night moon (1)



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